Upload a style guide

Upload a style guide to accompany your translation project. Style guides and glossaries are not processed or shown to anybody until you [launch](http://motaword.readme.io/docs/start-a-project) your project.


Supported formats

See "Supported formats" section to get a list of supported formats for documents, style guides and glossaries.


You can only add/update/delete style guides before you launch the project.

Uploading style guides as form data

You can also upload your style guides by providing their content directly in the POST request. Instead of providing an array of file handles in styleguides parameter, just enter name and data parameters for each style guide file.


Content-Disposition: form-data; name="styleguides[0][name]"

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="styleguides[0][data]"

var form = new FormData();
// ....
form.append("styleguides[0][name]", "SampleStyleGuide.pdf");
form.append("styleguides[0][data]", "[BINARY DATA...]");


You can also upload document and glossary files in this scheme.

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