Upload files directly in form data

You can now upload your document, style guide and glossary files by providing their content directly in the POST request. Instead of providing an array of file handles in their respective parameters, just enter name and data parameters for each file.

Python SDK

Our Python SDK has just been released!

Global style guide and glossaries

We launched several new endpoints to let our corporate users manage a global style and glossary. Click here for details.


We normally redirect our users to Apimatic to generate up-to-date SDKs for their preferred environments. However we can't say the automatically generated SDKs are perfect. So we started improving these SDKs to let you interact with our API more easily.

TXT and DOCX style guides

Style guide methods now accept .pdf, .docx and .txt formats!

Launched our WordPress plugin


Welcome to MotaWord

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for MotaWord! We are very happy and excited that you made it here.