Usage from our CDN

Simply insert Active JS <script> tag inside your <head> tag.

<script src="" crossorigin data-token="token" data-project-id="project-id"></script>

Recommendations for including <script> tag

  • Put it inside <head> tag, as early as possible

  • Add crossorigin attribute to the <script> tag

    <script src="" crossorigin></script>
  • Use async
    <script src="" crossorigin async></script>

This way, Active JS will load asynchronously, as early as possible, and will start putting the translations as the DOM elements become available.

  • If your page is large, enable useDynamicTranslations or data-use-dynamic-translation in your Active configuration along with async loading of the script. This is enabled for you by default.

  • Do not use defer in your <script> tag as it delays translating the DOM and increases blink experience