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Get a list of your projects

Projects are the core of MotaWord API. Any time you create a new translation project, you will be getting a translation quote. You can add documents, style guides and glossaries to your project or update its language pairs before launching it; some actions such as modifying documents or language pairs will change the price of the project.

When you decide to launch a project, begin its translation, you need to issue a launch call. For details about launching and project payments, see this section.

Communicating context to translator is of utmost importance for a high-quality translation. Uploading files that assist translators with context such as style guides and glossaries are absolutely no-cost features and we encourage you to use them!

Project status

status field in project detail can be one of the followings:

  • pending: The project is pending for payment, has not started yet. This is basically a quote at the moment.
  • started: The project was launched and the translation has begun.
  • completed: The project's translation and proofreading were completed and ready to be delivered.
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