List activities

What are activities?

An activity is any action that our translators and proofreaders take. Currently we have two activity types: translatedand proofread.

When a translator translates a string in your project, that action is listed in your project's activity feed. The same goes when a proofreader approves or edits a translation.

How can I use this?

With activities, you are completely on top of your project; you can track their progress in real time and even write comments for each specific activity. When you submit a comment, the translator of that activity will be presented with your comment immediately and we'll make sure they acknowledge your comment and are going to make the related changes as necessary.

The activity list is in descending order by default, so you can keep a near real-time list of the activities by making a request to this endpoint. The first activity will be the latest activity by our vendors.

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