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Posted in General by Kevin Remisoski Wed Nov 04 2015 22:58:18 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·1·Viewed 747 times

I was wondering if your plugin was compatible with other translation plugins so for example if I have WPGlobus installed and run if(WPGlobus::Config()->language == 'es') I could then use the plugin to translate anything that is not already translated?
Nov 5, 2015

Hi Kevin,

Great that you are interested in our WP plugin!

Our plugin currently has two modes: manual and Polylang. Polylang is another internationalization plugin, just like WPGlobus.

When Polylang is not available, we are falling back to manual mode. Manual mode lets you send a post for translation and when it is complete, your post's content will be replaced with the translation automatically. This means, we will not create a new post because internationalization logic can be very different in every use case, every WP setup, but we will solely replace the very post you initially started translation.

I haven't explored WPGlobus personally yet, but as much as I could find in their documentation and code, they seem to be using custom fields or a completely different data source to keep everything in line. With our current plugin, if you submit a post with multiple languages (added via WPGlobus), it will most probably get the content for all languages and submit them for translation (which is not what you would want).

But this really needs some exploration of WPGlobus. I suggest you install our plugin and make a quick test drive. You can use "sandbox mode" which will not actually submit translation projects, but will let you experience the workflow. It should give no harm to your current content :)

Meanwhile, we will be doing some tests with WPGlobus and perhaps add its support on our plugin quickly. We are already planning to add support for non-post-based internationalization plugins such as WPML. This feature will definitely contribute to WPGlobus use cases.

Thanks a lot for the heads-up! Let me know what you think.


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